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Insight~seeing the solution within you FAITH Over fear Challenge {Hebrews 11:1-3; 12:1-3}

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The Problem~fear

You don’t believe God can. You failed at something, and now you believe in your limit, as well as God’s. We’re depending on our own strengths and the things we can understand. This is downloaded in our subconscious, and the belief system has formed. The more you fear, the more you fear, and the less God is motivated.

The Solution~FAITH

Prayer is a valuable part of the will of God being expressed through you. But the solution to fear is to kill it and replace it with the confidence of your original image, found in the word of God.

The Challenge~Do the Darn Thing!

Pursue every instruction you hear God say immediately, straightway, and without delay, as if you have

NO adversary,

NO resistance, and

NO limit, guaranteeing a new dimension of FAITH unleashed!

The Block~Stop Lying!

You can't get help until you admit something's wrong. What are you afraid of?

Fear of Man?

Fear of the future?

Fear of other women?

Fear of Tragedy?

Fear of not measuring up?

Fear of Physical appearance?

Fear of intimacy?

The Testimony~How the challenge got started?

I have a temporary brain deficiency that developed in my stupor.

Millions have been stuck in the corridor of a STUPOR.

A stupor is a state of being. It represents a mindset that gives birth to a belief system, which expresses itself through your decisions, your language, your imaginations, your circle of surroundings, and your repetitive behaviors.

Its characteristics or posture are evasive, familiar and lethargic, unresponsive & shrunken, hesitant, unaware, and uninformed, dull, numb, and paralytic in its tendencies, debilitating, and even insensible for a period of time.

My stupor attacked the perfected function of my brain to create, evaluate, analyze, comprehend, apply, and remember; As I started plowing my way out, reversing it required both spiritual and natural application.

To name a few, I stopped drinking juice and started drinking purified water and seltzer water with increased fruits and vegetables to ignite the neurons in my brain.

I started telling my brain how it was going to function properly.

I started praying in tongues regularly.

I started fasting every Monday.

I meditate/imagine regularly.

This stupor and its impact on my optimal brain function was my excuse for such a long time, to neglect what I heard God say about my purpose and assignment. I felt like Moses giving a host of excuses to an All-Powerful God.

As the shift occurred, my confidence as a woman of great God did as well. I began hearing and obeying, picking up from the last instructions I heard, which led me to this Challenge.

The testimony gets gooder and gooder! (excuse my grammar)

It hasn't fully returned to its optimal use YET, but I live as if it doesn't exist.

NO limits,

NO adversary,

NO resistance.

My FAITH in God is more than enough.




Parallel Lines

"Where purpose is not known abuse is inescapable.

When purpose is known clarity is inevitable."

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