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Discovery, Development,
and Distribution

Modern Architecture

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  • Resuscitating, Restructuring & Mobilizing

  • Genesis Model-Decisive Language

  • 3D Framework

  • 4 Tier Confession

  • Genesis Model-Distribution Process

  • Brain Power

  • Answering the 4 W's

Modern Architecture


Your group should be here with Dr. K.

The Synopsis

Did you know the right Word, spoken and received, can shatter all space and time? That means you can enter a space one way, and leave another. Hallelujah!!!

I was locked into a common, lethargic, paralyzing paradigm for years, and suddenly received a key of operation that unlocked unseen barricades, limits, barriers, and plateaus within me.

I'd love to engage further in our individual or group encounter.

Stay connected for the rest!

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